5 Italian specialties of Rossini that you should not miss

In today's post we will show you 5 Italian specialties from our Italian restaurant Rossini in Plaza Real. Discover them!
5 Italian specialties of Rossini restaurant

Welcome once again to the blog of our Italian restaurant Rossini! In today’s article we will present you 5 irresistible Italian dishes that the menu of our restaurant in Plaza Real offers.

If you consider yourself a true gourmet of Italian cuisine, this selection of dishes is dedicated especially for you. You can find more information about all the gastronomic specialties that we serve at Rossini from the “restaurant menu” section.

Let’s go!

Gnochis pasta italiana rossini


This type of Italian pasta that we serve in our restaurant is made with potatoes, flour and other ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine. Gnocchi are usually eaten with spicy or gratin sauces such as cheese or butter.

Los Gnocchi de cuatro quesos son un entrante muy tentador para empezar a degustar la esencia italiana de nuestro restaurante de Plaza Real. Esta es una de las primeras recomendaciones que no debes dejar pasar si quieres sorprender a tu/s acompañante/s.


Italian lasagna was one of the favorite dishes of the Italian musician Rossini. As a tribute, this dish incorporates the restaurant’s own home style together with fresh ingredients of the day. Each lasagna is prepared over low heat to enhance the flavors and texture.

Although this dish is usually made with meat, in Rossini there is also the possibility of tasting vegetable lasagna. One of the most recommended pasta dishes for vegetarians and veggies.

Italian restaurant lasagna menu
Italian food restaurant pizzas


In the menu of our restaurant you will find 14 Italian pizzas to choose from. Each Pizza is made by hand by our pizza masters with the best ingredients of the day, a unique dish for the taste of each diner. Rossini’s pizzas are authentic delicacies for lovers of pasta and Italian cuisine that will not leave anyone indifferent.

You can discover more information about each pizza by visiting our post “11 pizzas that you cannot miss in Plaza Real”.

Spaguetti & tagliatelle

Spaghetti are one of the most representative dishes in Italy and one of the most complete pasta dishes to enjoy during the day or at night. The different varieties of Spaghetti that we serve in our Italian restaurant are made into a unique paste that, in addition to enhancing the flavor, has vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body.

The varieties we serve are inspired by traditional Sicilian cuisine and its most popular combinations such as alla carbonara, al agglio, fruit di mare, Bolognese. A very attractive and complete main dish to enjoy the best taste of Italian pasta.

pasta italiana spaguettis carbonara

So far our post dedicated to 5 of our Italian specialties that you should not miss if you visit Plaza Real. Although this small selection is excellent pasta recommendations, do not miss the opportunity to discover all the dishes on our menu.

See you in the next post!


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