Diavola pizza, a classic pizza like no other

Get to know 4 curiosities about Diavola's pizza and its history. A special pizza for all those who love spicy flavors
Pizza diavola rossini restaurant menu

Diavola pizza is one of the Most popular Italian pizzas we serve at our Rossini restaurant. This Neapolitan specialty, unlike the rest of the pizzas that you can find in our menu adds a fiery flavor and a spicy touch for the most daring palates.

If you love traditional Italian cuisine, Pizza Diavola will not disappoint you. The exquisiteness of the dough, the freshness of the tomato, the creaminess of the mozzarella and the spicy flavor of the sausage are the ideal complements to offer you a unique dish that combines the most spicy sensations together with the quality of the pasta.

In this article you will know the most outstanding peculiarities of our diavola pizza and you will discover why it is one of the most valued pizzas by our guests.

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a spicy costume

Believe it or not, the base of this pizza is made up of… A margarita pizza! As you read, the base ingredients are the same with the addition of chorizo ​​or salami, but with a touch of spices and hot oil.
diavola pizza italian restaurant

Margarita pizza is one of the most versatile pizzas and, as with diavola pizza, it is used to create different variants of Italian and Neapolitan pizzas. In this case there are also different variants of diavola in which even more spicy ingredients such as jalapeños are added.

devil's pizza

Although in many Italian restaurants it is known by other names such as “pizza peporoni”, pizza alla diavola has a close relationship with the devil mainly with the fiery emotions that it produces in the mouth.
Spicy flavor pizza metaphor

Its name in Italian is mainly due to its spicy flavor that is reminiscent of fire or, failing that, of flames. The salami or chorizo give the dough its characteristic color and are the perfect allegory to represent the burning flames that accompany the popular image we have of a devil.

At the same time, in American cuisine it is usually “cooked to the devil” when the ingredients are spicy or strong for the palate.

A pizza with unknown origins

Unlike other Italian dishes such as tiramisu there is currently no history of its origin or its invention. It is probably a popular version that has been broadcast locally for years in Italian towns such as Naples or Rome.

origins unknown pizza diavola
Its popularity and its strong culinary essence have made its name known, respected and transmitted in all parts of the world and it is offered as a spicy pizza alternative to conventional flavors.

A double-edged theory about diavola pizza

Various sources and chefs believe that diavola pizza has its roots in American cuisine and that it was secretly imported by the astute Italians to market it under another name then known as pizza pepperoni.

Spicy Italian Pizza
Another version says that it was the perceptive Americans who copied the pizza from the Italians, since during the 1890s to 1900s there was an mobilization of Italian immigrants throughout the territory and due to their influence they adapted the recipe with new ingredients.
italian pepperoni pizza
So far our four curiosities of diavola pizza, we hope that our little article has discovered a new type of pizza and encourages you to taste it while enjoying an unforgettable experience in our restaurant in Plaza Real de Barcelona.

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