Differences and similarities between Italian and Spanish cuisine (part one)

In this first edition we bring you 6 curiosities and anecdotes about Italian cuisine and Spanish cuisine that you did not know.
Italian pasta menu
Italian cuisine is a type of gastronomy that coins the best-known specialties of the Mediterranean diet with a subtle combination of ingredients and pastas that intertwine the typical flavors of each region and its geographical location. Throughout the Internet and in many magazines dedicated to the gastronomic world, Italian cuisine has been the subject of debate and comparison with our Spanish cuisine. Both cuisines share similarities and differences between them and in today’s article we will discover the main ones.

Typical foreign cliches

Many people around the world tend to have the pre-established idea that in Spain only is consumed. paellas and in Italy you can only find pizzas . This type of opinion can be found especially in tourists who do not fully know the gastronomic heritage of each country.
paellas plaza real restaurant rossini
Both dishes are well-known specialties and therefore it is inevitable that these associations are made due to ignorance, but in a certain way they are delicacies that can be found in all parts of Spain and Italy.

The legacy of Italian cuisine in Catalonia

The Catalan cuisine shares many similarities with the Italian cuisine, since for years and especially during the Roman invasion it received influences from its cuisine. At present, quite similar dishes can be found, such as the fideuá.

https://www.restauranterossini.com/spaguettis-frutti-di- mare-italian-flavor-with-a-mediterranean-touch/Fideuá is a well-known seafood noodle dish that shares similarities to spaghetti frutti di mare, since both are mainly made of pasta.

spaguetti fruti di mare italian speciality

A rice competition

As we mentioned before, paella is one of the best known dishes of Spanish gastronomy, however from the Italian perspective there are similar rice dishes known as risottos, one of the specialties that you can also find in our menu.
paella spanish cuisine
Risotto cocina italiana
Another example that also shares the same example may be the salted cocas, which curiously resemble the Italian Focaccias.

The value of ham

acorn-fed ham spanish cuisine

Iberian (Spain) and Parma (Italy) denomination of origin hams are two of the most prized delicacies by gourmets. The main difference between these two types of ham is that Parma ham is usually used as the only ingredient or as a side dish (cheese, melon), while Iberian ham is consumed in its pure form.

Although this rivalry is very even, Iberian ham and specifically acorn-fed ham are prized in all parts of the world for their quality, texture and flavour.

Question of cheese

Unlike hams and when it comes to the variety of cheeses, Italian cuisine is a complete winner, as there are more than 20 different types of cheese. However, this fact does not mean that within our cuisine you can find excellent cheeses such as Manchego cheese, cured cheese and Zamorano cheese.

One of the specialties that we can recommend if you are a cheese lover is the 4 formaggi pizza that combines 4 of the best cheeses that can be found such as mozzarella, gorgonzola, the fontina and parmesan.

Cheese italian cuisine

essence Rossini

Rossini apart from being an Italian composer of operas well known, he was a famous gourmet who offered food banquets to his guests on Saturday nights, consisting of dishes of his invention. The most famous were the Rossini cannelloni, a dish made with au gratin cannelloni, minced meat with pâté or truffle and bechamel sauce. At present, cannelloni have a quite marked impact on Spanish culture, since during the day of San Esteban they are usually consumed in a traditional way.
cannelloni italian cuisine
So far our first edition dedicated to the differences and similarities between Italian and Spanish cuisine. We hope that, like us, you have enjoyed discovering the new curiosities of both cuisines. See you in the next article!

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