Italian pizzas in the style of Italian restaurant Rossini

The Italian pizzas at Rossini Italian restaurant are one of the most delicious Italian dishes on our menu. Meet our Italian pizzas!
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Welcome back everyone to our blog at the restaurant Rossini in Plaza Real! Today we bring you a small article dedicated to one of our most popular Italian specialties that we serve daily at our Italian restaurant: Rossini’s Italian pizzas.

Currently the pizzas became a popular international dish in Barcelona, that is usually consumed in groups to accompany special occasions such as birthdays and parties. But what many “pizza lovers” do not know about this delicious contemporary Italian dish, is that originally the pizzas were a dish that only poor people from some regions of Italy used to eat, such as Naples. This was a simple dish cooked from a basic flatbread covered with various ingredients.

The Italian pizzas became popular because of the italian nobility liking, specifically of Queen Margarita Teresa de Saboya. In court, Queen Margarita was terribly bored of French palace food, for this reason she decided to call an Italian chef to try 3 different varieties of this dish. The chef instead, presented a single pizza with mozzarella, tomato and basil (aesthetically they were the colors of the Italian flag). Its taste and form amazed him so much that he made a tribute by naming it “Pizza Margherita”, the most classic version of this food.
princess Margherita story of pizza margherita
Queen italian margherita

The pizzas you will find at Rossini

All the Italian pizzas you will find in Rossini’s menu are handcrafted with our own dough, and are baked every day by our chefs with the freshest and most natural ingredients that can be found in Barcelona. This culinary combination allows us to give our guests a quality dining experience in an authentic Italian restaurant.

All our varieties of artisan pizzas have a mixture of healthy ingredients, that allow to transmit a better taste and a better sensation to the palate thanks to its careful preparation inspired by the traditional Italian cuisine of Italian cities, such as Naples and Caserta, where you can find the most popular and prefered pizzeria by pizza lovers like “Pepe in Grani” or “I Masanielli di Francesco Martucci”.

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Pizza Margarita

The pizzas that you will find in our Italian restaurant, like our bread, are prepared and baked daily in the kitchen with a special artisan dough. In our pizza menu you will fully enjoy your evening at Plaza Real as you like, also in our spacious rooms.

If you are passionate about authentic Italian cuisine, in Rossini you can also find recommendations for Italian dishes that you can taste with a quality pasta and a sublime taste, suitable for the most demanding palates and looking for different culinary specialties to try.

If you like to eat in groups, do not miss our group menus. We also have different privatization options for special events. We hope to see you soon at Plaza Real!

See you in the next article!


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