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In today's post you will discover the most relevant opinions of our Italian restaurant. Thank you all for your comments!
Rossini restaurant reviews and ratings

From 2007 to the present, our Italian restaurant Rossini has been a meeting point for thousands of friends, tourists and visitors. Year after year, we have made an effort to offer each diner the best gastronomic experiences in the Plaza Real.

Today, 15 years later and after overcoming the COVID pandemic, we are still active, offering our diners the best Italian cuisine in Barcelona with our characteristic Mediterranean touch.

As a commemoration, we have prepared an article dedicated to all our guests and to the people who still trust us and recommend us after so much time.

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Why is the Rossini restaurant the best Italian restaurant in Barcelona?

At Rossini each diner is an important part and for this reason we strive, day by day, to improve the quality of service in our restaurant to meet even the most demanding expectations.

In our Italian restaurant you will find a unique space inspired by the authentic Italian essence that personifies the figure of the artist Gioachino Rossini, along with a selection of the best Italian dishes from our menu where you can find quality Italian pasta, sublime meat and fish and irresistible sweets.

“Each dish is an expression and each pizza is an emotion with unforgettable musical dinners»

Featured opinions of our Italian restaurant

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Google opinions on Rossini

"Perfect dinner, excellent salad, 2 plates of penne pasta with perfectly smothered tomato sauce, and excellent crispy Rossini pizza with excellent mozzarella...delicious...no room left for dessert...still excellent... ."
Shlomi Molcho - Israel
Barcelona is wonderful, this place is that moment you want to enjoy with tapas and wine 😁🥂
Ethel Facundo - England
"We had the menu of the day, very reasonable price and simple but good food. The service was lovely. The atmosphere is very nice."
Marion Gouyotte - France
"We had the menu of the day, very reasonable price and simple but good food. The service was lovely. The atmosphere is very nice."
Marion Gouyotte - France
"Nice place on the terrace overlooking the square where you can be surprised by street artists."
Mr Henky Penkie – Netherlands
"Great service, food and drinks. The starters, mains and desserts were excellent. I recommend the homemade lasagna."
Meriem Zine- England
"Top management. Excellent Italian food and service. I can recommend it to everyone!"
Manuel Ruhstaller- England
"Super delicious food and great atmosphere. The girl at the reception is great!"
Nicole Kroon – Netherlands
"Delicious food and excellent service. We sat in the basement which had its own bar and piano player. Ryan was attentive and took good care of us. A fantastic restaurant - highly recommend!"
Rebecca Bridson - England
"Great place for lunch or better dinner. Because foreigners also look for restaurants, apart from classic Spanish dishes, it also offers pizza, pasta, etc. Great drinks - beer, wine, sangria, etc. Live piano music. Amazing place .."
Petr Černý - Czesc
"Loved the great service and food will definitely be back, Brenda took great care of our table plus lovely atmosphere and the piano player was beautiful."
Susan Browning - England
Thanks to Gabriel (very available) and the pianist for the welcoming atmosphere. Valid ribeye with foie gras and truffle purée and creme brulée
Laura Gouchy- France
The servers are very friendly and very professional, they served us quickly because we were in a hurry. The food was great and at an unbeatable price, the place is very nice! I recommend !
Dominique Pinchon - France
"I was wondering if I would put 4 or 5. We got 1 caesar salad, 1 carbonara and 1 pizza, 2 sangria and bread. 70 for 2 people. Meager but impressive quality. I put 5 because there are no much better restaurants in town Caesars was unacceptably individual ."
Gianni Kalkanis - Greece
"Magnificent. Probably the best Andalusian squid. The Catalan cream is just perfect. Also very fast and professional services. Just very good."
Johannes Overhues - Austria
"A great quiet place in the hustle and bustle of the city. Excellent service and food (original)"
Oliver Peters - Germany
"Every time I go it's wonderful, the staff that works there makes you feel great, the food is incredible. Be careful with the gazpacho here, the best in Barcelona"
Cueva MM- Spain
"My favorite Italian restaurant in Barcelona, ​​good food, great atmosphere."
Mirabel Luca – USA

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So far, our article for today. We hope that it has helped you to know the opinions of our Italian restaurant on and off the internet. We appreciate all honest feedback from our customers, and now is the time to let you discover Rossini for yourself.


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