Spaguettis frutti di mare Italian flavor with a Mediterranean touch

Discover the delicious Spaguettis frutti di mare from the Rossini restaurant in Barcelona. An Italian dish that will surprise you!
spaguetti fruti di mare italian speciality

Do you want to try a different taste? The spaghetti frutti di mare that we offer in the menu of our Italian restaurant are one of the the most succulent Italian pasta specialties that you can taste in the famous Plaza Real in Barcelona.

In today’s article we will teach you many things about this dish with Mediterranean essence and we will show you step by step how we prepare the spaghetti frutti di mare at Rossini. An alternative culinary experience that you can only taste at our Italian ristorante.

If you are a lover of Italian cuisine, you will love this pasta recipe!

What are spaghetti fruit di mare?

spaguetti fruti di mare italian speciality

The word “frutti di mare” refers to the fruits of the sea, that is, to shellfish and its different types. This Italian dish is very typical to find in the towns near the coast of Italy and especially in maritime cities such as Sicily and Venice.

Its origins are intertwined with the European medieval world and the traditional “cucina Campania”, an indigenous culinary style of the Italian region of Campania. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Saracen conquerors took neighboring cities to the Mediterranean Sea, including Sicily where they founded a caliphate, the Arab invasion lasted approximately 75 years.

During these years of occupation, the Arabs transmitted culinary customs to the region, including culinary influences from Chinese and Persian cuisines. In fact, one of the most similar dishes to modern spaghetti was the Laganon, a type of pasta that was eaten in strips.

fruit of the sea ingredients

An Italian dish that cradles the essence of the sea

Originally the spaghetti frutti di mare were known as spaghetti allo scoglio: it is so called because, originally, it was made with pieces of rock skipped into a pot and from which the “rock animals” were still detached. alive.

The dish was completed with the removal of stones and the pairing with pasta. The result was formidable: a dish that with little, had all the flavor of the sea at its fingertips. Over the years this dish became popular in large cities such as Naples.

naples city italy
The main ingredients of the Spaghetti frutti di mare are: Spaghetti, mussels, clams, prawns, shrimp, white wine, tomato and oil. This is how we prepare them at Rossini!

We hope that this culinary article has been useful for you to explore a different point of Italian cuisine at Rossini restaurant. We encourage you to give this succulent delicacy a chance and enjoy all its Mediterranean essence!

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