The best Italian coffee in Barcelona

Learn the secrets of the different Italian cafes at the Rossini restaurant and discover its own culinary essence in Barcelona.
best italian coffee barcelona

Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks that can be found in many restaurants and bars around the world and in cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona. An unparalleled specialty that raises our spirits, improves our performance and delights us with its intense flavor.

And it is that a coffee is always welcome to accompany any time of the day. However, for true gourmets and connoisseurs of the subject, prepairing or finding quality coffee in Barcelona is not easy, since various factors such as temperature, brand , the quality of the water and the type of drink condition the experience of it.

Although there is currently wide competition regarding coffee brands, their origins and the tastes of their consumers, today we will present you the best Italian coffee you can find in the Plaza Real.

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Why choose Italian coffee?

Italian coffee is a precious asset of the Italian gastronomy, so much so that the tradition of its preparation has been spreading over time, in fact thanks to various scientific studies it is known that since the 17th century Italian merchants traded and imported this drink from the far East.
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Although it is not exactly a 100% Italian origin, this drink became a benchmark in Italy in all social classes of the time and this fact triggered the popularity of this drink, reaching the point that various brands such as Illy or Lavazza began to prepare your own ground coffee.

Italian coffees are valued for the production and quality processes that are rigorously subjected, their taste can be described as a fusion of aromas and colors that adorn a warm texture absent of bitterness that melts on the palate little by little.

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Depending on the type of coffee you drink, you will be able to find varieties of flavors and tastes, but you will find the best combination depending on its type, which we will analyze later.

Italian coffee types

italian espresso


One of the most popular coffees in Italy, quick to prepare and with a strong concentrated flavor. In Spain it is also known by the name of black coffee and is usually prepared with smaller quantities. Other variants of espresso are double espresso, long espresso, ristretto.

decaf italian coffee


A coffee whose beans have been devoid of the presence of caffeine. It is a fairly mild drink similar to a strong infusion. Its taste is quite similar to normal coffee but with a lower amount of nutrients. It is good to know that there are many studies that question the health benefits of decaffeinated coffee.

italian latte

Caffè latte

As its name suggests, it is a variation of our traditional coffee with milk, one of the most popular breakfast combinations. Its main base is often made up of hot milk topped with foam or milk cream on top. Another version that can be found of this drink is crema caffè.

italian shakerato coffee

Caffè shakerato

A type of coffee made up of an espresso with a base of vanilla liqueur and ice. Its sweet flavor and freshness are enhanced by the coldness of the ice and, given its composition, it could easily be associated with an Italian version of our iced coffee. The word "shake" refers to the way it is prepared by shaking the ice.

3 recommended Italian coffees to drink in the Plaza Real

The coffees that you will find in our restaurant’s menu are made with the best Italian brands and coffee makers. Its taste will not leave you indifferent and its quality will conquer your senses. Below we will present a selection of three cafes to enjoy the tranquility of the Plaza Real in Barcelona.
Italian cafes in Barcelona

Cappuccino: A variant of espresso coffee made with whipped milk and cocoa powder or cinnamon. It is a purely Italian coffee that combines sweet and creamy flavors for the palate in a unique texture that melts into a sublime drink popularly known throughout Europe.

Decaffeinated: As we mentioned before, decaffeinated coffee is a drink with a lower amount of caffeine but with good grain quality. Its nutrients are provided with vitamins and minerals that can help improve blood circulation and the ability to concentrate.

Cortado: This type of Italian drink is the ideal choice if you want to try an espresso with a less bitter taste and a less strong composition to taste with a more generous amount of foam. It is one of the most popular coffees in our restaurant due to its texture and good grain composition.

If you are a lover of coffee or Italian cuisine, do not miss the opportunity to try our Italian coffees, we are sure that you will love them!

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