The best of our restaurant: Discover the “Rossini” style fillet

An exquisite Rossini's recipe that you can find in our menu. Try the perfect combination of beef, foie gras, mashed potatoes and black truffle.
Rossini style fillet

Rossini, apart from composing great operas such as Il barbiere di Siviglia or William Tell, is known for popularizing Italian food in Europe. And not only that, he made so many contributions to gastronomy that every recipe with a foie gras and black truffle accompaniment was called “a la Rossini”. His trademark.

And here is one of his recipes that you can find in our menu.

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“Rossini” style fillet history

Gioachino Rossini musician and gourmet

“Rossini” style fillet was first cooked at Café Anglais kitchens in Paris, in the mid-19th century. At that time, the chef of the restaurant was Adolfo Dugléré, the “Mozart of the kitchen” as Gioachino Rossini called him.

One night the composer asked him to cook the meat directly on the table, and under his instructions. But Dugléré, being a bit embarrassed, refused to cook in front of all his guests. And Rossini, whose sense of humor was not lacking, told him to turn around and cook with his back to the customers.

Rossini's recipe

If you want to taste this recipe we recommend you to visit our restaurant in Plaza Real – Barcelona.

Our recipe is simple. A tender beef tenderloin of excellent quality sautéed with butter.

We serve it in two parts. On one side, a base with a tasty mashed potato with a black truffle touch. On the other, the fillet. And at the top, a juicy slice of foie gras lightly pan-seared.

Solomillo foie Rossini

Quality ingredients

Beef fillet

The beef fillet is the muscle located in the cow's lumbar, just between the lower ribs and the spine. It is an area little exercised by the animal, which makes it more tender and precious.

Black Truffle

Another delicacy of this recipe is the black truffle, a tuber that grows underground. Its intense aroma has made it a prized delicacy since the Egyptians. However, in the Middle Ages, it was an ingredient persecuted for its aphrodisiac properties. Harvesting is done in winter, between the end of November and March.

Foie Gras

One of the most wanted ingredients of gourmet gastronomy. Goose liver fattened with figs has been consumed since Ancient Egypt. However, this recipe did not become popular until the first century B.C. in Rome. Centuries later, with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas, the fattening of geese and ducks was changed to corn grain, boosting its production.


Despite being a humble food, potatoes are really versatile and interesting vegetables. There are from many colors, such as red or purple. They are very easy to grow. In fact, you could even do it yourself at home. Just put those sprouting potatoes in the ground and they will grow back.

If we have left you with your mouth watering, do not hesitate and book your table now.


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