3 Italian Literary Classics

In honor of Sant Jordi Day, we present 3 essential books from Italian literature that you will love.
italian literature

Discover Three Must-Read Classic Italian Books for Sant Jordi in Barcelona
As Sant Jordi approaches, the most beloved holiday for book lovers in Barcelona, we want to recommend a selection of essential Italian literature.

Italian literature is renowned for its richness and diversity, offering a glimpse into the daily life, history, and culture of the Italian people. Many of its authors have been recognized and appreciated worldwide, including Dante Alighieri, Giovanni Boccaccio, and Umberto Eco.

Today, we reveal three timeless classics of Italian literature that have been translated into multiple languages and have influenced writers worldwide.

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Divina Comedia - Dante Alighieri

Divina Comedia - Italian Literature

Divina Comedia, a 14th-century epic poem by Dante Alighieri, is divided into three parts: Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. The poem describes Dante’s journey through the celestial and lower worlds, where he encounters various souls and reflects on life, death, and human existence.

Considered one of the most significant works in Italian literature, it stands out for being written in Italian, rather than Latin, which was more common during that era.

The work is brimming with symbolism and allegory. Each character and location is believed to represent something specific. For instance, the depiction of hell represents sin, while purgatory represents forgiveness.

Numerous writers and artists have made direct references to The Divine Comedy in their own works.

Decamerón - Giovanni Boccaccio

Decameron Boccaccio

Decameron is a collection of one hundred tales written by Giovanni Boccaccio in the 14th century. This renowned work vividly captures life in medieval Italy, with a keen representation of the different social classes.

It covers various themes such as love, religion, morality, and corruption.


Boccaccio’s writing style is highly accessible, making the work enjoyable and entertaining to read.

If you’re a history enthusiast and haven’t read these medieval tales yet, you should definitely give them a go!

From Stupidity to Madness - Umberto Eco

“From Stupidity to Madness” is an essay written by the famous Italian writer Umberto Eco, in which he reflects on today’s society and the future of humanity.

In this work, Eco invites us to reflect on the importance of finding our own path in an increasingly complex society.


Umbert Eco literature Italy

Some of his advice are:

  • It’s important not to lose sight of our values and principles, even in times of uncertainty.
  • Always seek the truth and don’t settle for what the media or social networks tell us.
  • Keep an open mind and be willing to learn from others.
  • Accept that change and adaptation are necessary to survive in a constantly evolving world.

Have you read any of these books? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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