4 Gin Tonics to enjoy the night in the Plaza Real

Refresh the afternoon or evening with our selection of classic and premium gin and tonics in the heart of Barcelona's Plaza Real.
Gin Tonic Plaza Real

Rossini’s gin and tonics are one of our customers’ favorite drinks. This type of cocktail, with a tropical flavor, is a good choice for our menu both to cool down the hot summer afternoons or nights in Barcelona.

Gin and tonics are mixed cocktails made up of gin and tonic water served with ice. We can find aromatic and delicate references, with citrus and floral characters. This type of drink is very popular all over the world and is one of our specialties that you can enjoy on our terrace with magnificent views of the Plaza Real.

We offer you a small selection of 4 Gin tonics to enjoy your nights with us.


The history of this spirit drink dates back to colonial times, when India was part of the English crown. This drink was invented by English soldiers by mixing quinine (a component to prevent mosquito bites) with gin.

Nowadays, Gordon's Gin and tonic is one of the best-selling gins in the world, and you can easily find it in most cocktail bars and restaurants in our city. Its citrus flavor together with the touch of juniper berries will transport your palate to a mixture of fruity flavors.


Bombay gin and tonic is one of the most classic tonics that, like Gordon's, can be easily found anywhere in the world. It is a soft drink with a classic gin flavor accompanied by a highly enhanced citrus aroma.

During the XVII-XVIII centuries it was one of the drinks that could be found in the distilleries of London and New York, although its official origin is not officially certified and there are rumors and stories about a barman known as Tom Collins who created the patent .


Brockman's gin and tonic was created by a group of friends of Kevan Crosthwaite, lovers of this drink, who decided to start a company together where they could give way to creative ideas that break with conventional flavors, never seen before, for a very popular drink during the first years of the eighteenth century.

If you are looking for a different gin and tonic that combines the concentrated flavors of strawberries, berries and lemon... Brockman's can be an excellent option. Its soft intensity together with its sweet flavor will refresh your palate with the best aromatic mixture.


Tanqueray is the queen gin that has headed all the rankings for seven of the last nine years, as described by the cocktail industry magazine Drinks International. Its flavor combined with juniper, coriander seeds, licorice and angelica root provide a strong taste very different from sugary tonics with a more marked personality.

We hope that this small selection will help you learn more about the attractive world of cocktails and before saying goodbye, a little curiosity:October 19 is the world day of the gin and tonic. Cheers!

4 Gin Tonics to enjoy the night in the Plaza Real

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