3 fascinating facts about lasagna

Come and taste the most emblematic dish of Italian cuisine, lasagna, at our restaurant. Learn everything you need to know about this delicious meal.
Lasagna vegetables

Lasagna has undoubtedly become one of the most beloved dishes of Italian gastronomy. This mouth-watering dish comprises fresh pasta sheets, meat sauce, and cheese, which has captivated diners around the world with its irresistible taste.

It has a rich history, infinite versatility, and delicious flavor, making it one of Rossini’s most popular dishes among customers.

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The oldest pasta

Origin Lasagna

Did you know that lasagna is actually one of the oldest pasta dishes in history? This timeless dish has been enjoyed for centuries, dating back to the ancient Roman era. It’s even referenced in the works of famous Roman poets, proving how long it has captured people’s imaginations.

Lasagna is considered a festive dish in Italy, typically prepared for special occasions like Christmas, weddings, and other significant events. In certain regions such as Emilia-Romagna, a unique version called lasagna alla bolognese is popular, which features meat sauce and béchamel sauce.

The original lasagna was vegetarian

Did you know that the original version of Italian lasagna was vegetarian, despite the popularity of meat lasagna today? This recipe, dating back to the 13th century, was made with layers of pasta, spinach, eggplant, artichokes, ricotta cheese, and grated cheese. Meat was only introduced during the Renaissance, when lasagna began to spread outside Italy.

In the 16th century, tomato sauce, a quintessential ingredient in Italian pasta, was added to this recipe with the arrival of tomatoes in Italy.

Lasagna vegetables

The dish demonstrates how gastronomy can adapt and evolve by influencing diverse cultures and culinary traditions.


An example of this impact is evident in Greek cuisine, where the traditional dish moussaka which uses a similar technique of layering eggplant and meat.

3. World Lasagna Day

This Italian recipe even has a special day dedicated to it. World Lasagna Day is celebrated on July 29 every year, where Italians gather to exchange recipes and enjoy different versions of the dish.

This event aims to promote Italian culinary culture and emphasize the significance of lasagna in the world of gastronomy. Join us at Rossini Italian Restaurant to celebrate this occasion with your loved ones and savor our delicious lasagna.

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Últimas entradas



“Patatas bravas”

Italian bruschetta with fresh basil

Hand-carved Iberian ham with tomato bread (half portion)

Andalusian-style fried calamari

MAIN COURSE (to choose)

Black rice with squid

Homemade meat or vegetable lasagna

Vegan option: Vegetable risotto

DESSERT (to choose)

Profiteroles with chocolate

Chocolate and walnut brownie

(served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream)

Vegan option: Lemon sorbet


Water included

2 Glasses of red or white wine Envite joven D.O. Rioja


2 Soft drinks / 2 beers

(VAT included)