Discover our 4 Formaggi Pizza

Discover the 4 Formaggi Pizza! Come and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at our restaurant in Plaza Real, Barcelona.
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Pizza is one of the star dishes of our Italian restaurant. That’s why today we bring you a new installment of curiosities about one of our classic recipes, and the 3rd most consumed pizza in all of Spain: the 4 Formaggi pizza.

Come try it at our restaurant in Plaza Real, Barcelona. And if you’re not a big fan of cheese (we don’t understand it, but we respect it), check out our menu to discover our best Italian specialties:

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The mysterious origin of the 4 Formaggi pizza

The 4 Formaggi Pizza, or Four Cheese Pizza, has a history that dates back to the very roots of pizza in Italy. Although there is no clear consensus on its origin, it is believed that the recipe comes from the Campania region, home of the renowned Neapolitan pizza.

Some say that this delight began to delight palates in small family pizzerias before gaining popularity nationally and internationally.

Legend has it that the 4 Formaggi Pizza was born out of the creativity of a pizzaiolo.

It is said that, when faced with the difficult choice of which cheese to use on his pizzas, he decided not to choose and combined four varieties, giving life to this delicious masterpiece.

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Ingredients of the 4 cheese pizza

What makes the 4 Formaggi Pizza so special? The answer lies in the careful selection of cheeses that are combined to create a symphony of flavors:


Made with cow's milk and characterized by its soft and elastic texture, and its delicate and slightly sweet flavor.


Italian blue cheese made with cow's milk. Known for its strong and spicy flavor, as well as its creamy and smooth texture.


Hard cheese with large holes. Originating from the Emme Valley (Switzerland). Famous for its mild and slightly sweet flavor.


A hard cheese made with cow's milk, known for its intense flavor and granular texture.

The ideal pairing

Don’t forget to pair your 4 Formaggi Pizza with a good glass of Italian wine for a complete experience.

Italian white wines from Triveneto are renowned for their fresh, fruity, and aromatic qualities, making them an excellent match for light dishes like salads, pastas, and, notably, pizza.

Specifically, the 4 Formaggi pizza complements these wines exceptionally well. The blend of creamy, mild cheeses with sharp, salty varieties enhances the citrusy and acidic notes of the wines, creating a perfect pairing.

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