4 curiosities that you did not know about Pizza 4 stagioni

Discover the history and curiosities of the delicious Pizza 4 seasons, a specialty of Italian cuisine to lick your fingers.
italian 4 stagioni pizza

Do you want to discover more curiosities about the italian pizzas? The 4 stagioni pizza is a Neapolitan pizza that is very easy to find in pizzerias and restaurants around the world. A delicious gourmet pizza that uses the best ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine and today you will discover its main curiosities.

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Origins of pizza 4 stagioni

As you can see in our article dedicated to pizza diavola, many of the most elaborate pizza recipes are based on more traditional pizzas such as margherita or prosciutto to assemble the composition of ingredients.

4 seasons pizza italian restaurant

In this case, the 4 stagioni pizza margherita is used as the base, although other media have mentioned that Neapolitan pizza is used as the base.

As a curiosity, in a very similar way, you can find the pizza capricciosa, which is a variant of it that uses similar ingredients such as artichokes and mushrooms.

The symbology of the 4 seasons

The name of this popular classic pizza is not a mere coincidence. Each of the four parts has its own association with each season of the year:

artichokes ingredient restaurant

Artichokes symbolize the beauty of spring


Mushrooms are associated with the temperance of autumn

Fresh tomatoes

Tomatoes and basil represent the character of summer

jamón ingrediente pizza 4 stagioni
olives pizza ingredient

Ham or olives symbolize the harshness of winter

The fusion of all the parts is a tribute to the passing of the seasons, so the fusion of flavors is simply sublime.

The islands of the four seasons

On the line of the equator there are various islands that are located across the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. However, some of them are located in the center of the equator and the seasons are interspersed depending on the hemisphere in which they are located.

island 4 seasons patagonia

This phenomenon is rare to appreciate and find, but it is possible to be located in a different season of the year in the center of the equator where the hemispheres intersect. Logically, it is easy to go from one season to another by changing sides of the hemisphere.

world pizza day

Like many dishes such as paella, the margarita cocktail or lasagna, pizza also has its international day, which in this case is celebrated on February 9. The existence of this day is curiously linked to the controversial policy of the Icelandic president’s Hawaiian pizza, which he used as a political weapon for his campaign with the threat of banning it.

hawaiian pizza ban iceland

The debate went viral on the social network Twitter and in order to claim the rights of pizza, UNESCO itself declared that February 9 would be its international day for being part of the intangible heritage of humanity for all the culinary tradition that precedes.

diavola pizza italian restaurant

So far our four curiosities of 4 stagioni pizza, we hope that our little article has whet your appetite for discovering a classic pizza with a curious symbology, we hope that you will be encouraged to taste it while enjoying an unforgettable experience at our restaurant in Barcelona’s Plaza Real.


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